System Features


NEW Non-Slip Balfour Blades

Anatomically designed Non-Slip Balfour blades gently grip tissue to prevent blade slippage during costal margin retraction.


Multi-Dimensional Retraction

Allows for multiple planes of retraction and asymmetrical costal margin retraction, while also providing strong stability for large patients.


Micro-Adjustable Strength

Micro-adjustable mechanism allows strong, controlled retraction of tissue. Especially helpful for costal margin retraction.


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Liver / Oncology System


Utilizing a bilateral retractor frame set up, the Thompson Liver / Oncology Retractor provides surgeons with the ability to obtain stable, versatile retraction for liver transplants, liver resections, oncology, and obesity cases. Combined with Thompson Retractor’s expansive blade selection, the bilateral set up offers multi-planed retraction and unlimited flexibility for the most complex abdominal and pelvic cases.

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